The Friends of South Cliff Gardens are dedicated to the restoration and improvement of Scarborough's wonderful historic Gardens  
The Friends have been awarded a Silver Gilt in the Yorkshire in Bloom competition 2016
the Judges comments:

Areas of Commendation

1. Excellent map and information leaflets produced by the friends group, for both the Rose Garden and South Cliff Gardens.

2. The Rose Garden restoration project and its high standard of ongoing maintenance.

3. The successful restoration of the Prince of Wales Gardens and the continuing improvements being carried out.

4. The restoration of the miniature garden and shelter in Shuttleworth Gardens.

5. The development of the £5m HLF bid “Parks for People”, for the restoration of the South Cliff  Gardens.

Areas for Consideration:

1. The friend’s excellent website could be further enhanced with additional information relating to the flora and fauna being encouraged in St Martin’s Square Gardens and throughout the South Cliff Gardens.

2. Increasing the all year round range of voluntary activities for the involvement of young people would potentially forge greater links with the younger age group to support the future of South Cliff Gardens.

3. To continue the progress the friends have achieved over the last 10 years, an interim development programme of activities and future projects is needed. This to ensure forward momentum of the group before the HLF bid work programme starts or a potential delay in the work commencing.


The Friends of South Cliff Gardens are working on a £5 million bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund to restore and improve the gardens.
For more information and the latest news plus the chance to have your input please see the “HLF bid” page or visit and Like the Facebook on the link below: 
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                                                     In March we secured funding for the
restoration of the Prince of Wales fountain
Soon you will hear the magic of water!
 Shuttleworth rockery re-planted at last!
In response to growing concerns about the condition, appearance and misuse of the Gardens and the shelters (such as vandalism and vagrancy) in the South Cliff and Holbeck Gardens, the Friends Group was constituted in 2006.  To read our Constitution click on dropdown link above.
If you wish to join the Friends please use the contact us link.