Saving South Cliff Gardens

Thanks to the hard work and passion of local people; the ‘Saving South Cliff Gardens’ project was launched! We now hope to gain a £5 million grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to save the unique and enchanting heritage of the South Cliff Gardens from a point of critical decline and to breathe new life into the gardens so they appeal to the 21st century. 

The Friends are working with the South Cliff Community Group and the Civic Society to raise money to demonstrate to the Heritage Lottery Fund local support for this project so please support us with a donation:

You may prefer to pledge a donation and you can change your mind at any time before payment is collected in January 2019 when the outcome of the bid is announced. To make a pledge simply click here
The Friends of South Cliff Gardens is a community group which was established in June 2006 to help look after the public gardens between Filey Road, Ramshill Road, Holbeck Road and the sea. Our aims include protecting and enhancing the natural beauty, wildlife, flora and fauna, historical interest and facilities of the Gardens; promoting and raising funds to improve the Gardens and encourage their use; and organising social and educational events & activities in the Gardens. Members receive a regular Newsletter and we hold Open Evenings and events throughout the year.

These have included family events and concerts in the gardens, gardeners' question times, organised walks and bird box building days. Every month we have Litterpicks and 'Volunteers In Parks' gardening days and all events are advertised on our Noticeboards, in the Newsletters and on our website. We welcome the support of all members whether active or passive and if you would like to get involved and join our group this can be done online through our website or by contacting:   Parks and Countryside Services on 01723 374079 or by post with our membership form